can  you think of examples of surveys in our world today? Think about how toy companies get information about what young people enjoy playing with or how the government finds out about the number of young people in school. what can a historian derive from such surveys?

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Let me first tell you what a survey is. It is a method to collect information of people and their lifestyle. In a survey, a person asks some questions from a specific group of people and then prepares the data according to it. One of the most famous examples of survey is census. It collects information on the population and literacy rate of a country. Similarly, government and big companies get information on the choices people make.
A survey is important for the historian to get information on the past. For instance, if a historian wants to know about the people living at a place 100 years back, he/she would go to that place and ask the locals about the past and history of that particular place.
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