can you please tell the summary of these lesson?


Here are a few points which would help you understand the chapter better:

  • A story of a meeting between two extraordinary people. They are both brilliant and full of intellect.

  • They are, what people call 'disabled'. However, the story here calls them two people who are 'differently abled'.

  • Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientists of our time. He suffers from a form of paralysis that confines him to a wheelchair, and allows him to ‘speak’ only by punching buttons on a computer, which speaks for him in a machine-like voice.

  • Firdaus Kanga is a writer and journalist who lives and works in Mumbai. He was born with ‘brittle bones’ that tended to break easily when he was a child. He suffered a lot of fractures in his early childhood.

  • The interaction between them proved fruitful to the extent that it projected the real state of mind of such people.

  • The psychological aspect has been written very well, describing the simple level of frustration which people feel when they feel claustrophobic, least bothered about people considering them brilliant and sympathising their condition.

  • Strong sense of expression such as eyes which can speak, still, and they are saying something huge and urgent .

  • A small thing understood through this chapter is the fact that one can never feel the pain and the agony which a person who is not as capable as other people does.

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now i knew taht what is the summary and what is the moral of the chapter

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wat is there in this chapter i want to know that

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