Can you findillustrative examples of conflict drawn from Indian society? Discussthe causes that led to conflict in each instance.

The following are someexamples of conflicts that have occurred in the Indian society:

(i) Caste-basedconflict - This type of conflict is based upon the institution ofcaste and it has led to violent clashes between the traditionallysuperior and inferior communities. Education has spread awarenessabout the oppression caused by this system. However, a lot needs tobe done to eradicate the prejudice of caste.

(ii)The Kashmir conflict - India has officiallystated that it believes that Kashmir is an integral part of India.Pakistan says that Kashmir is a disputed territory, whose finalstatus must be determined by the people of Kashmir. China states thatAksai Chin is a part of China. Certain Kashmiri independent groupsbelieve that Kashmir should be independent of both, India andPakistan.

Thiswas a territorial conflict.

(i) TheGodhra incident - On February 27, 2002 at Godhra city in the stateof Gujarat, the Sabarmati train was forcibly stopped and attacked bya large Muslim mob. As a result, 58 Hindu pilgrims — mostlywomen, children and seniors, returning from the holy city of Ayodhya—were burned alive. The attack prompted retaliatory massacres againstMuslims on a large scale, in which 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus werekilled.

Thisconflict was based on religion.

(i) TheKaveri river conflict - It is a conflict between the states ofKarnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of water of the riverKaveri. A dam was built over the portion of river that lies upstreamin Karnataka, leading to depletion of water resources for the farmersin Tamil Nadu. A central tribunal, later, allotted more water toTamil Nadu and allowed it to construct the Mettur dam as well. Thisled to large scale riots in Karnataka.

This conflict was basedon sharing of resources.

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