can u plz give me the summary of class 8 english chapter  "THE TSUNAMI"

Hello Joyeeta,
The three chapters can be summarised as:
Part I:
Following are a few descriptions of the people and places which got adversely affected in the Tsunami of 26th Dec, 2004, in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Early morning people witnessed a tremor of an earthquake followed by huge sea waves, sweeping them off with the sea. People got swept off even when they were trying to save other people. Due to poor rescue operations, people kept afloat for 2 consecutive days, unspotted by relief helicopters. Tourists also suffered the calamity on a large scale. This entire event left the victims traumatised.
Part II:
This story is an account of a 10-year old school Tilly Smith, who managed to save people’s lives when the tsunami struck the shores of Thailand. She recalled the geography lessons that were delivered at her class. She got more and more hysterical, making her family members understand the intensity of danger. They took refuge in the third floor of the hotel. Thus, they were saved as the hotel withstood the effect of three tsunami waves. Thanks to her education, they all stood forewarned. Later, Tilly went back to her school in England, and narrated her experience with horror.
Part III:
This account narrates the fact as to how animals stay alarmed and are usually aware of a natural disaster much before humans comprehend the situation. It was during the catastrophe of tsunami when we found very less dead animals along the shore, as they ran for their safety much before the tsunami had actually struck. The giant waves that rolled through the Indian Ocean killed more than 150,000 people in a dozen countries; but not many animals have been reported dead.
Hope the above summaries fulfils your query.
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