can u explain me about future,presentand past tense plz,piz,plz........... its very urgent

The topic 'tenses' has already been provided on the website. Kindly go through your Study Material.

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past tense- it refers to any incident or a statement of the past.

example: She went to her aunts house yesterday. Here the underlined word went represents that it is a past tense.

present tense- it refers to a situation at present which is countinuing.

example: She is going to heraunts house. Here the underlined word is going which shows that the work is still in progress.

future tense- it refers to a situation which is going to happen in future and has not yet happened.

example: She will go to her aunts house tomorrow. Here the underlined word will go shows that it will be happening in the future i.e.., tomorrow.

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