can i get hindi poem on tipu sultan

मित्र नेट के माध्यम से आपको कविता मिल जाएगी आप वहां से ढूँढ सकते हैं। हमारे पास ऐसी कोई कविता नहीं है।

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ys i can give u one

He was like a tiger tearing 
Apart his enemies and 
the Arrays of British, defeated
Many a king who took sides
Of them, speading his kingdom
And sending shivers up the spines
Of the Britsh who used all
Tricks in their dictionary
To make hom surrender.
He used missiles for 
The first time in history
Of mankind and scared the 
Wits out of his enemies, 
But was defeated and killed
By the sheer treachery
Of his own men who made 
Secret pacts with the british
And abstained from war, 
Some even fighting against him.
His glory can never disappear, 
from the pages of History
Of this country, who made 
many sons of war and peace. 

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