Burning of candle is a physical or a chemical change . Why ?

pls explain .

Burning of candle is both a physical change as well as a chemical change. Candle is made up of a solid block of wax with a wick embedded in it.

1) Physical Change

When candle is lit, the heat of the flame melts the solid wax to liquid wax. This signifies a physical change from solid state to liquid state.

2) Chemical Change

The wax acts as a fuel when we light the candle and is basically a chemical substance called carbon. The carbon combines with oxygen to form another chemical substance called carbon dioxide. Also the unburnt carbon is deposited as black substance called soot. This signifies a chemical change.

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Definatin of physical change- it is the change that can be reversed. Eg.-burning of candle..

So, burning of a candle is a physical change..

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it is a chemical change.

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