bst project on
Changing role of the women in the past 25 years relating to :
a. Joint families, nuclear families,
b. Women as a bread earner of the family,
c. What has the effect been on the types of goods and services?
( Changes in the requirement trend of mixers, washing machines, micro wave and standard of living) The students can take examples like:
  1. Washing machines, micro waves, mixers and grinder.
  2. Need for crèche, day care centre for young and old.
  3. Ready to eat food, eating food outside, and Tiffin centres.
d. Case Study: profiles of women employees, business persons and professionals-1 each

the topics are not clearly given, pls tell me what all topics will come under this project

Currently, we are not taking any project work in Business Studies. However,you can take the help of the following links to make the Business Studies Project on changing role of women during the past 25 years on your own.

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pls provide some information on changes in the requirement of mixers etc.
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