brown paper bags packing to recycled paper bag to plastic bags and cloth bags.give reason?

From paper bags to plastic bags then to cloth bags, the gradual change from paper to plastic happened because - The amount of energy required to make a paper bag is four times the energy used to manufacture a plastic bag. Paper-bag manufacture uses 20 times as much water as plastic and paper requires more energy to be recycled. Cloth bags are far from perfect. An Environment Agency Report this year found that a reusable cloth bag would have to be taken out 131 times to reduce its environmental impact to that of a single-use plastic bag. And despite all our fretting, plastic bag use has actually risen. Rather than pitching paper against plastic, we really need to change our habits. Apart from banning ourselves from buying more than we can carry loose in our arms, the obvious solution is a tax on all bags, an economic nudge that if we can't shop less we should at least reuse those bags stuffed under the kitchen sink.

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We use cloth bag because we have to follow societal marketing concept whose main focus is on consumer satisfaction and on environmental we have to use such kind of packing which fulfils the above two
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Because of paper bags, cutting of trees was increased so the business moved towards the recycling paper bags but they were not so much durable then the business moved to plastic bags but after some years they realized that it cause harm to the environment and cost more so they moved towards cloth bags .
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two reason : plastic bags process is time consuming while paper bag less time required in making . Another reason is that plastic bag harmful for our environment but paper bag is not.
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simplyy..plastic bags esaily recycle so it is better for our environment .
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this relates to social environment which mainly focus on Welfare of the society so they are using clothes bag instead of plastic bags.
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