Brinjal and potato belong to the same genus Solanum,but to two different species.What defines them as seperate species?

Potato (Solanum tuberosum), and brinjal (Solanum melongena) are two different species but both belong to the genus Solanum. Potato and brinjal  belong to their particular genus and represent a particular species.

Genus comprises a group of related species which has more characters in common in comparison to species of other genera. We can say that genera are aggregates of closely related species.


In nature, Solanum species do not normally hybridize, as they are about 90 % self-pollinated.  They have anthers that open by small apical pores and their  pollen are sticky and do not travel long distances. 


Differences between potato and brinjal makes them as different species.

1. Potato grows underground whereas brinjal is aerial.

2. The stem of brinjal is spiny unlike potato.

3. Brinjal bears soft seeds which are edible whereas potato does not bear seeds and vegetatively

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