Bring out the functions of trees under the following heads:
A. regeneration in nature
B. concern for the future generation
C. provision of food and shelter
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A) Thinking about the regeneration is like the beautification of nature. Trees are like the mother which is giving and will always give birth to new generation of trees. During  process  of regeneration ree-dominated plant communities develop and evolve, which has far-reaching impact on the structure of forests in the future. Also forest environment can be restored with natural regeneration through seedling establishment  which results in high-quality forests with high biodiversity.

B) But seeing the deforestation level increasing day by day now planting trees has become a major concern for our future lives. because no trees means no life. So we should make people aware if the this issue and plant more and more trees.A tree provides a habitat for animals. Insects are attracted to its blossoms and fruit, while birds are attracted by the fruit, the availability of insects to eat, and the coverage the tree’s branches offer both for protection from the elements and predators, and a place to nest. 

C) As nature is the only source from which we are still getting food and shelter. It is the main source for all not only for us but the animals too. Not only this trees are the source of many medicine. Every living life is dependent on trees for food and shelter.Trees are universal producers they are the source of food to the whole life and on other hand they give shelter too. Most of the trees give food to both animals and human beings ofcourse trees like banyan give shelters to birds,squirrels monkeys rabbits etc. Plants are not just the source of oxygen and greenery they are the source of food and shelter too.
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