Bring out the contrast between the world that Charley lived in and the one he strayed into with detailed explanation

In 'The Third Level', we see a lot of differences between the world where Charley lived and the one he strayed into. The first two levels of the Grand Central Station are set in the present time, whereas its third level is based in the 1890s. The third level has an old fashioned architecture which is different from the modern interiors of the first two levels. The third level was smaller, with fewer ticket counters, and had an old look of the 1890s with wooden booths, dim open-flame gaslights, brass spittoons, and an old-style locomotive with a funnel shaped stack. In fact, the people’s attire was old-fashioned and men had funny handle-bar moustaches and sideburns. The whole setting was in contrast to modern times. Life in Galesburg in1894 was relatively cheaper as compared to modern life. Lastly, the place Galesburg existed in the 1894 which doesn't exist in the present times.


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