Briefly enumerate the important sources of recruitment.


Recruitment refers to the process of searching and attracting the required personnel for a job. In other words, it is the process of finding the potential candidates and instigating them to apply for the job. The following are the two important sources of recruitment.

i. Internal sources: Internal sources of recruitment refer to the sources that are within the organisation. That is, through internal sources the jobs are filled up from inside the organisation. It can take the form of transfers and promotions. Through transfers, the job of a specific profile is filled by shifting a suitable person working in another department of the organisation to the concerned department. Similarly, through promotions, higher position job vacancies in the organisation are filled by promoting the lower level employees.

ii. External Sources: External sources of recruitment refer to the sources of recruitment that are outside the organisation. Through external sources the jobs in an organisation are filled by bringing in new people. For example, one of the external sources of recruitment is 'direct recruitment' which involves putting up a notice board outside office and then following the recruitment process on a specified date. Similarly, placement agencies work as an external source as they act as a match maker for the job seekers and job providers.

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