Briefly discuss the impact of government policy changes on the business and industry.

The policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation by the government affect the functioning of the business enterprises. The following points highlight the impact of government policy changes on the business and industry.

i. Increased Competition: As a result of the policies such as relaxation of the licensing policy and reduction of import duties, the competition faced by the domestic firms increases. India companies experienced competition in service industry such as telecommunication, banking, insurance, etc. 

ii. Increased Demand: As competition increases, the choice of goods and services for the consumers also increases. Thus, consumers also gain from quality products and greater variety.

iii. Change in Business Policies: The government policies directly impact the functioning of the business enterprises. As a result, they have to alter their policies appropriately.

iv. Technological Changes: As competition increases firms tend to find new and innovative ways to survive in the market. In such a scenario, technological improvements become imperative.

v. Need for Trained Personnel: Innovations and improvement in product, application of improved technologies requires skilled and trained personnel. Thus, there arises a need for the development of human resources.

vi. Greater Market Orientation: With increased competition, the production has become market oriented. That is, the enterprises produce as per the demand market. 

vii. Less Reliance on Budgetary Support by Public Sector Enterprises: To survive the increased competition, the public sector enterprises must improve efficiency and productivity rather than relying on budgetary support to cover their losses.

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