boiling of a liquid cannot occur in a closed vessel.comment on the statement

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To understand why boiling does not take place in an open container, first you need to know the condition at which boiling of liquids can take place.

Boiling of liquid can take place only when the vapour pressure of the liquid becomes equal to or greater than the atmospheric pressure.

Now, go through the following text to find the answer to your question.


The vapour pressure of a liquid increases, as the temperature is increased. This is due to an increase in the rate of molecular motion which accompanies an increase in temperature. This results in the escape of more molecules from the surface of the liquid per unit of time and a greater velocity for each molecule which escapes. Thus, an increase in temperature results in a higher equilibrium vapour pressure. When bubbles of vapor form within a liquid and rise to the surface where they burst and release the vapour, the liquid is said to boil.


Now, you know that the bubbles are filled with gases and gases occupy more space than the liquids. So, the bubbles formed in the closed container will try to escape. In a closed container what these bubbles do is, they strike the surface of the liquid and the walls of the container. Consequently, they get ruptured and boiling cannot take place.


The following diagram illustrates the movement of liquid when heated in a closed vessel.




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thank u for helping me.usually in kitchen inorder to boil water we will close the vessel with a lid. i think it is to make the boiling faster. but if boiling cannot take place in a closed vessel what is the purpose of covering the vessel with a lid. closed vessel doesnt mean a closed system right!

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Boiling is a process in which the vapour pressure of a liquid becomes equal to the atmospheric pressure.
But whan the container is open the vapour pressure does not become equal to atmospheric pressure.
Theerefore boiling does not take place in open container..
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