Bhagwati Enterprise is a company engaged in marketing of air-conditioners of a famous brand. The company has a functional structure with four main function- Purchase, Sale,Finance and Staffing. As the demand for the product grew, the company decided to recruit more employees.Identify the concept which will help the HRM to find out the number and type of personnel available so that he could decide and recruit the required number of persons for each department.

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The concept that is being described is work-force analysis. Under work-force analysis an estimation is made with regard to the available number and the kind of personnel in the organisation.   

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workforce analysis .
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not workforce analysis it asked for the concept
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Estimating manpower requirement - Workforce analysis
Staffing is the function of management and the qstn says identify the concept 
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first concept of staffing so that he will move to second concept which is recruitment as it is given answer is estimating workforce analysis
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