Balance the equation SbCl3 +H2S --------- Sb2S3 + HCl

SbCl3  + H2S →Sb2S3 + HCl
We will first balance the Metal, then nonmetal and then oxygen  if present and in last the hydrogen and we  will follow this sequence so,
a)balance the metal Sb
  2SbCl3 +H2S→ Sb2S3 + HCl

b)now balance the sulphur
2SbCl3 + 3 H2S → Sb2S3 +Sb2S3

c) now balance Cl on both side,
2SbCl3 + 3H2S → Sb2S3 + 6HCl

d)now , balance the hydrogen which is already balanced so, the balanced chemical equations is,.
2SbCl3 + 3H2S → Sb2S3 +6 HCl

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