Ausable?s employer has been asked to write a recommendation letter for Ausable so that
he may be promoted to a higher rank in the secret services. As his manager, draft the letter
detailing his personality traits with reference to the instance in the chapter as a prime
example of Ausable?s genius.

Dear Student,

James Fare,
Central Intelligence Agency,
10th Street 1429,
Houston Texas 76458,

August 1st,2021.

Duncan Sean,
Senior Agent,
Central Intelligence Agency,
10th Street 1748,
Houston Texas 98764,

Dear Mr Duncan Sean,

Recommendation for Promotion to a Position of Deputy Field Officer.

I am elated to recommend Ausable for promotion to the position of Deputy field officer. I left intelligence bureau 2 years ago, having worked with Nancy for 6 and a half years as an Assistant Field Officer. Due to the nature of work, it is not easy to get good agents. Ausable is one of those.

Ausable is very keen in handling situations and always work tirelessly to ensure he delivers what is expected. I never received a single complaint about his work, his method of gathering foreign intelligence, reacting to counter-terrorism activities and advising Indian policymakers are magnificent.

In each mission, he has planned, coordinated with other field officer and have completed the purpose. He draws a clear line between delivering results and motivation.

I believe the team has gotten a brilliant mind to fill the position of a Deputy Field Officer. Feel free to contact me through these details should you need further clarification: 555-876-9865,

Yours sincerely,
James Fares, Director,
Central Intelligence Agency.


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