Asano takes an ice cube at 0 degree celsius, drops it into an empty tumbler and allows it to fully melt. She then place the tumbler in the freezer so that water turns into ice at 0 degree celsius.
Which of the following is true about the volume of ice in the tumbler
Note ; no evaporation or condensation takes place
  1. It is greater than the volume of ice cube
  2. It is lesser than the volume of ice cube
  3. Its is the same as the volume of ice cube .
  4. Cannot say witout the actual volume of the ice cube

There is no change in the volume. There might be some change in the density.  When  ice melts it will have the same volume of water which corresponds to the mass of the water it displaced before it was subjected to melt .  So, option c is correct.

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The volume will remain same
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