as a member of the student council of your school, you have been given the responsibility of setting up a science club. Write a proposal in not more than 150 words, stating the steps you would take to successfully establish this particular club.

Solution -

Heading: To develop an interest and understanding of science and establish a scientific temperament among the students of our school, we propose the establishment of a science club.
Objectives: The following are the objectives of this club-
                  1. To inculcate scientific temperament in the daily lives of students.
​​​​​​                  2. To provide a platform for students to explore the scientific realm.
List of Measures:  The following are the steps to set up the science club-
                 1. The school activity room will be used as the venue for all the activities of the club.
​​​​​​                 2. Activities would be scheduled from 2:30 pm after the school gets over for one hour every day.
                 3. No membership fee would be applicable, all school students are welcome.
                 4. Club president would be Ms.Tarushikha of the science department, 4 other office bearers will be elected by members.
​​​​​We hope that the proposal is accepted and the club is established at the earliest.
Yash Sinha
Student council member

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