Are equations of tangent and normal to parabola whether x2 =4ay or y2 =4ax is same...???

Is ther no differnce in sign...??

no the equations are not y^=4ax it .is y=mx+a/m and to X^2=4ay it is y=mx-am^2

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and what about normal...??

see my doubt is in ques. : Equation of common normal to curve y2 = 4ax & x2=4by is :

In the solution its given for y2 =4ax , equ. of normal is y=mx-2am-am3 & for x2=4ay its y=mx+2b+b/m2...!!so m confused...!!

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no its not same.equation of normal to parabola y^=4ax  y=mx-2am-am^3 and for next parabola it is.y=mx+2a+a/M^2

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wat are trying 2 find actually?

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and buddy u will also get explanation fr ur phy question. jusee the post!!!

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 I knw tht ques. already..jut doing tympass.. :P well thnxxx...

will u plzz try ths onw... (this I dnt knw...) :P

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ok.. i will tr. iwill tell u probably tomorrow

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i ve posted very good question just try dat..

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How to derive normal equation for parabola x^2=4ay
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What normal equation of x2= 4ay parabola in slope form
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I am reading the question is the circle s equals to 10 = 2 X square + Y square - 16 = 20 intersects another circle of radius 5 in such a manner that the common chord is maximum length and soap is equal to 3 by 4 then the centre of s1=0 is question

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