Appearances are deceptive.explain with respect to the chapter the hundred dresses

It is true appearances may be deceptive. With reference to the two boys, Nicola and Jacopo, the axiom is surely relevant and appropriate. When the narrator, A.J.  Cronin first met them at the outskirts of Verona, they looked shabby andunkempt.  Even Luigi, the driver passed a hasty judgement about them. However,on observing the boys from close quarters, the narrator realized they were the most extraordinary children he had ever met. He came to know they possessed all the qualities of gentlemen. They were responsible, caring, well-behaved,
self-reliant, courageous, hardworking, committed and dedicated to save their ailing sister. The author was so much impressed with their maturity and self-sacrificing nature. They did various menial jobs such as, selling fruit, newspapers, shoe-shining, running errands, as guides, etc. to pay the medical expenses for their sister undergoing medical treatment for the tuberculosis of the spine. The narrator developed boundless admiration and respect for them.
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wanda wore poor clothes but she was a good person
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