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Answers for the table TABLE 2.1 EXAMPLES OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES EXAMPLE Imagine what would happen if farmers refuse to sell sugarcane to a particular sugar mill. The mill will have to shut Imagine what would happen to cotton cultivation if companies decide not to buy from the Indian market and import all cotton they need from other countries. Indian cotton cultivation will become less profitable and the farmers may even go bankrupt, if they cannot quickly switch to other crops. Cotton prices will fall. Farmers buy many goods such as pumpsets, electricity, tractors, pesticides and fertilisers. Imagine what would happen if the price of fertilisers or pumpsets go up. Cost of cultivation of the farmers will rise and their profits will be reduced. People working in industrial and service sector need food. Imagine what would happen if there is a strike by transporters and lorries refuse to take vegetables, milk, etc. from rural areas. Food will become scarce in urban areas whereas farmers will be unable to sell their products. LET'S WORK THESE OUT WHAT DOES THIS SHOW? This is an example of the secondary industrial sector being dependent on the primary.

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