Answer the tick ones with correct alternative

Answer the tick ones with correct alternative the alternative from given in _ to Wanting. w" _a new bicycle last week. (bought. have had are your them. (just clean, just cleaned. have just a lot Of Work tOday.@id, have done. had done) something burning, (smeibarn smelling. have been smelting) over the hills Wises, rise, She _.unconscious since fou' oelock. O'. was, has been) 9. used to visit us every week. but he _now. (rarely comes, is rarely coming, has for his since 4-20. (are waiting, have been waiting, were waiting) we 1 Everyday last Week my aunt a plate. (breaks, broke. Was breaking) 12. 'know about that 61m because I it twice. (saw. have seen, had seen) they are Sitting in the garden. (arrived. have arrived. had arrived) 3, Our guests him since we met a year ago. (didn't see, haven't seen, hadn't seen) 14. 5. breakfast half an hour ago. (finished, havefini5hed, had finished) Ä3he jumped off the bus while it . (moved, had moved, was moving) When we went to the cinema, the film (already started, had already started. would already garth for half an hour when it suddenly started to rain. (have walked, have been walking, Bad tpen Did you think you me somewhere before (have seen, iSadSeen. were seeing) The town its ap#arance completely since 1980. (is changing, changed. has changed) 20, her case, look. (packed. has packed, had packed) 21. Sheila Negombo. Beruwela and Ndaveli. (visited, was visited,have visited' When Iwas in Sri Lanka, I 22, I meant to repair the radio. but time to do it today (am not having, haven't had, 23, my dinner went to bed. (had. have had. had had) Men to abolish wars up to but maybe they will find a way inthetuture. (never managed, i. When 24. ncvor mnnaqe.d)

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. wants
  2. had bought
  3. have just cleaned
  4. has been raining
  5. have done
  6. smell
  7. is rising
  8. has been
  9. rarely comes
  10. have been waiting
  11. was breaking
  12. have seen
  13. have arrived
  14. haven't seen
  15. finished
  16. was moving
  17. had already started
  18. had been walking
  19. have seen
  20. is changing
  21. has packed
  22. visited
  23. haven't had
  24. have had
  25. have never managed
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1 wants 2.had bought
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