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One difference between a magnifying glass and a compound light microscope is that a magnifying glass uses one lens to magnify an object while a compound microscope uses two or more lenses.
A magnifying glass that has a double convex lens with a short focal length. The examples of this kind of instrument include the hand lens and reading lens.
Magnifying Glass Compound microscope
i. It consists of a single magnifying lens.
ii. Focal length of lens is shorter.
iii. It has less magnifying power.
iv. It is used for simply magnifying tiny objects.
v. It has less scientific use.
i. It consists of two lenses, objective and eye piece.
ii. Focal length of lenses are longer.
iii. It has higher magnifying power.
iv. It is used for viewing cells and other more tiny objects.
v. It is more useful for scientific purposes.


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