Q.1) What is the difference between Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khaas?
​Q.2) Why did Mansabdari system decline??

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Please refer answer to query 2:

a. Mansabdari system ​,under which a Mansabdar who constituted the Mughal nobility and the military personnel  as a composite class.
b.These mansabdars were also known as jagirdars as they received jagirs as part of their revenue assignment
c. However, over a period of time, problems started surfacing in the mansabdari system.
d. During Aurangzeb's reign there was increase in the number of mansabdars and less jagirs that eventually led to their decline.
e. Further, most of the mansabs became corrupt and failed to maintain required number of troops.
f. Later most of the mansabdars began to assert their authority and autonomy .
g. All this resulted in the decline of the mansabdari system.

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