Answer of viii question should be has not come

Answer of viii question should be has not come toe C -he patient . saw that the policemen • ',cha;« DS. caught, (ii) cooking, (iii) has were doing, (Vii) Will come (Viii) had died, (ix) 'ere wtRflå La Exercise (Unsolved) Fill in the blanks With the correct form of the verbs given in all the chocolates. (eat) • the field. (plough) • you I would not repeated that mistake. (be) (v) I. this book for last four years, (write) (vi) I you in writing the essay. (help) (vil) Two aeroplanes flying in the sky. (be) 'viii) He back yet. (not come) (it) While 1 .. . to the music, my younger son was dancing. (listen) x) Some of my friends the Taj Mahal last week. (visit) 2. MODALS Odal auxiliaries are verbs such as can, must, could, would, etc. which are u to express such ideas as possibility, permission, necessity, obligation, ust and have to: Must is used for all persons in the present and future tenses. The negative is must not (mustn't). The interrogative for-m is must I? Must has no infinitive and no past tense. It is followed by the infinitive ust is used to express obligation: You must go to school in ti is used to express compulsion, i.e. ordering someone to do so

Dear Student,
The answer should be had not come.

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Dear friend it is that u wanted -
He had not came back yet
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