Answer in detail:
a) Describe the effect of the physical features of the land on the history of India.
b) Explain in detail how monuments and buildings are useful sources of information on medieval India.
c) How do books and other written manuscripts help us understand the history of medieval India?
d) Give two examples to support your answer.
e) Explain with examples how inscriptions and coins serve as sources of history of medieval India.

There are too many questions here. I am answering only one question. Please ask each question separately.

a. The physical features of the land has had a great influence on the history of India. The Himalayas have protected India from the cold Central Asian winds and forced the rain bearing monsoon winds to shed its moisture in India. This has led to the fertile plains of northern India and caused India's population to be high from ancient times. The Himalayas and the southern oceans have also protected India from invasions enabling India to develop a distinct culture throughout its history. The great northern plains have also facilitated the rise of empires in northern India like the Mauryan empire, the Gupta empire and the Mughal empire.

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