Answer in brief:
a) Write a short note on the term 'Sapta Sindhu'.
b) What are prashastis? Why were they not always authentic?
c) Name two Indian literary sources of medieval history.
d) Mention three foreign travellers to India in the medieval age, and the places they came from.
e) What kind of information can be drawn from paintings?

I am answering two questions. Please ask the rest separately.

a. Sapta Sindhu refers to seven rivers that were considered sacred as per Hindu mythology. It included   rivers Saraswati, Sutudri (Sutlej), Vipasa (Beas), Asikni (Chenab), Parosni (Ravi), Vitasta (Jhelum) and Sindhu (Indus), which occupied a prominent place in the Rigveda. 

b. Prashastis were inscriptions written in ancient India by royal poets in praise of their monarchs. These were not very reliable since they were written with royal sponsorship and were, hence, biased in favour of the monarch in whose court the poets were employed.

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