Answer all these questions.

Answer all these questions. Createv with l, A graph thatshows quantity supplied of a good or service at possible price S. Th.s of-curs producershave made too many of a good 0' at a. priqv angronsumers are not willing purcha60 the amoun' of and a consumer is willing to buy ata given O. group wu are aboutWith supply curves 1 , this occurs when. domanded is greater than . quantity supplied 13, lost o' ota good offered at different prices 14. Relationship between price;ond quantity supplied 2. Ata higher price Consumer is less purchase a good 3. The amount of goods and services a producer willing to make ata given price 4. provides supply 6. The eco nomic principle that explains how prices and supply co relate 8. As price increase% supply increases, price decreases supply decreases 9, The amount of goods available 12. provides demand

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