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The solution to your query 1,2 are as follows -
1. Based on physical features of subcontinent and communication systems it is to be noted that while the main river basins constituted the areas of attraction ,the tribal areas constitute the areas of retardation.The areas of relative isolation lies between areas of retardation and acceleration.Tge geography in India had helped in influencing the place of settlement.Like river and fertile soil are considered suitable for settlement.
2.It is important to note that the place which is considered today as India was never a constant entity.Indian ancient name was found in Mesopatamia civilization texts who named it Meluha due to its association with Indus valley civilization.It is named Hindustan by the Muslim invaders who came to India and saw the majority of its peoe are from hindu religion.The name Aryavrata also appears in old texts and Manusmriti to describe India as land of Aryans one of the early rulers here.India was given name as Jambudvipa by south East Asian countries . It got its recent name Bharat after king Bharat who was the great king as mentioned in the epics of Mahabharata .The name India is given to the people by Greeks and British because it describes the inhabitants living in bank of indus river.
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