An aquarium owner, on a rather cold day, put a heater in his aquarium, which made the water warm, but not hot.he thought the fish would like that. However, all is fish died. What could be the reason for this?


It seems that there is no scientific answer to this question, however a few possibilities could be discussed: 

1. The temperature of the heater might not have been set at optimum. The optimum temperaure for the survival of the fishes in aquarium is said to be 28°C

2. Fish might be suffering from some disease that became more worse with increase in temperature.

3. The other possibility could be considered as the leakage of current in the tank water due to the exposure of the live wire of the heater.

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Sir, is this possible

The higher the temperature of water,the lower is the solubility of air in water.Thus the air escaped. So the fish may have died due to the lack of oxygen

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