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All of it 1 ANSWER THE FOLLOWING IN AWORD OR TWO: A"ÄVhat is human trafficking? /2. What is Secularism? Name the different methods of revenue collection. 4. Who was Mir Jafar? S. Why do we divide history into periods? 6.AVhat is Sustainable development? 7. When was the first English factory set up? 11. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING BRIEFLY: 8. Draw a flow-chart to show how the resources are classified. 7X1=7 11 9. What were the challenges posed before the members of the Constituent Assembly? 10. Why do we continue to associate history with a string of dates? I I. Differentiate between Actual resources and Potential resources. 12. Who devised the 'Doctrine of Lapse'? What did the doctrine declare? 13. How did the indigo planters revolt against the British? 14. Why are the Fundamental rights referred to as the 'conscience' of the Indian Constitution? 15. What are the objectives ofa Secular state according to the Indian Constitution? 16. What is a survey? How did the surveys become important? 17. What were the results of the Battle of Buxar? 18. How was the Mahalwari Settlement different from the Permanent Settlement?

Dear Student,

Answers to question no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, are

1. Trade of humans being.
2. Religious equality.
​​​​​3.  Different methods:- 1. Sales Tax
                                         2. Income Tax
4. First Najafi Nawab of Bengal.
7. Development without depletion of natural resources.

For rest of the questions, please repost it so that we can assist you properly.

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