Ajay has built a cubical water tank in his house. The top of the water tank is covered with lid. he wants to cover the inner surface of the tank including the lid with square tiles of side 25 cm. If each inner edge of the water tank is 2 m long and tiles costs rs. 360 per dozen. then find the total amount required for tiles.

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Given that,            Inner edge of the cubical tank(a)=2m=200 cm The top is covered with a lid and so it becomes a closed solid           Total surface area=6×a×a                                     =6×200×200                                     =240000The inner surface of the tank including the lid is to be covered with tiles of edge=25 cm        Number of tiles required=Total surface areaArea of each tile                                          =24000025×25                                       =384Cost of tiles=Rs 360 per dozen          Number of dozens=38412  =32 Therefore, total amount required for tiles=360×32=Rs 11520


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