Acidic Character of Hydrides of Gr 16 elements increases down the group. Reducing Character also increases down the group. Got confused as Stronger the Acids, higher is its Oxidising Power but here Reducing Character is increasing with Acidic Character.

As we move down the group due to increase in size of element the E-H bond length increases and thus the bond dissociation enthalpy decreases.Thus acididc character increases and reducing character increases.

NOTE thatoxidation power means the ability to get oxidised itself and hence act as a reducing agent.Thus stronger the acids, higher is its reducing character( ability to reduce another element by getting oxidised itself) and higher is the oxidising power.

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In the hydrides acidic character increases down the group due to increase in atomic size which leads to an increase in the bond length due to which their bond becomes weak and break easily due to which bond enthalpy decreases.... As bond enthalpy decreases then the tendency to loose electrons increases due to which it's reducing character (the tendency of any substance to reduce other substances by loosing electrons) hence it act as a reducing agent
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