about hundred years ago there were few countries that had hardly any political party .now there few countries that do not have political party

The following points may help you:

a. The rise of parties is directly associated with representative form of Democracy. Owing to large territory and large population it is not possible for people to assemble together and make policies for themselves, hence representatives from parties are to be chosen.
b. With more and more countries becoming democratic, which was not the case 100 years ago , it is imperative for them to have political parties as not having parties will lead to chaos and turmoil in the society.It would be against the democratic principles.
c. A highly diverse, large and complex societies need a medium that would represent their interests and establish a link between the government and people.
d. Existence of political parties in a representative democracy ensures that country runs as per its policies and ideologies and have a responsible accountable government which is answerable to the people. 


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Political parties are present in almost all the countries because:

If there were no political party, then each and every candidate would be independent. Current strength of the Lok Sabha is 543. Imagine a situation when none of the 543 members can be brought to think alike on a particular issue. This would lead to a total chaos. An independent candidate would always be more interested in the specific needs of his constituency and would seldom think about the larger interest of the nation. A political party is necessary to bring diverse people on a common platform, so that bigger issues can be taken care of.

The democracy which is being practiced all over the world is called representative democracy. In this system, governance is done through peoples representative because it is impossible for each citizen to directly participate in governance. The need for representative democracy has given rise to political parties.

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