a wieghtthermometer contains 200 g of mercury at 0 degree centigrade is surrounded by a liquid in a bath and 8 g of mercury flows out . what was the temperature of the bath if co-eff of apparent expansion of mercury is 0.00018 ?

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Initial volume of the mercury is 200 g, then the mass flowing out, when the temperature increases is 8 g. Therefore, the 

The relation between the mass and the density of the thermometer is m=Vρmρ

So, along with the temperature the mass and density varies in the same manner. So, the relation for the mass flown out is,

ρ=ρ3αTm=m3αT8=200×3×0.00018×T-08=6×0.018×TT=200027=74.07 0C

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