a) Who are Hominids?
b) Who was the earliest human ancestor to make tools in Africa?
c) How are the modern humans known?
d) Name any one species of this tribe

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Answer (a) The Hominidae, whose individuals are known as incredible gorillas (apes) or primates, are an ordered group of primates that remembers eight surviving species for four genera: Pongo; Gorilla; Pan; and Homo, of which just current people remain. A primate or hominid is an individual from the family Hominidae, the incredible gorillas: orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and people. A hominine is an individual from the subfamily Homininae: gorillas, chimpanzees, and people (prohibits orangutans). A hominin is an individual from the clan Hominini: chimpanzees and people.
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