A Uranium-235 reactor is producing nuclear energy at a rate of 32,000kW.How many nuclei of Uranium -235 is fissioned per second? How much Uranium-235 would be consumed in 1000 hours?Assume an average energy of 200Mev released per fission.Take Avagadro's number as 6*10^23 mol^-1.

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Average energy per fission = E= 200 Mev = 200×106×1.6×10-19Jtotal energy = 32000 Kw = 32000×1000 J per seondno. of  uranium nuclei goes under fission per second =n = total energy per secondavergae energy per second n = 32000×1000200×106×1.6×10-19 = 0.1×1019 = 1018in 1000 hours no of uranium nuclei = N =1000×3600×1018mass of 1 mole of uranium = 235 gno of moles = total no nucleiavogadros no.=1000×3600×10186×1023 = 6mass of the uranium used = 6×235 =1410 g 

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