A toy company is preparing 1024 gift boxes for Christmas party. Each box is of same shape size and weight and contains similar type, shape and weight of pair of skates in it . While packing a worker by mistake leaves a cricket ball inside one of the box. At the time of delivery manager came to know about the ball. Suggest way by which manager can find out about the box with a ball in lowest time?

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The manager should divide the 1024 gift boxes in two separate lots of 512 boxes each and then weight them, in this way the box which will be having the cricket will have more weight. So, there are 512 boxes left now to examine.

In step 2, he should repeat the above step again, this time by taking 206 boxes each on two sides of weighing machine. He will be left with 206 boxes now.

Similarly he can continue this with 103 boxes now with 1 box kept aside and weighing 51 boxes. If the weight of the two sides is equal than the box which is kept aside is having the cricket ball.

He will be left with 51 boxes. Similarly keeping 1 ball aside he will be left with 25 balls now.

Similary he can divide it into 12,6, and 3 and when 3 boxes are left he can weigh any two of them and if both comes out to be equal the 3rd box is having the cricket ball.

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