a sponge can be compressed,yet it is a solid.why?

Sponge contains small pores in which air is trapped.On pressing, this air is expelled leaving the sponge compressible.It is a solid because it has a definite shape and volume and doesnot change its shape unless compressed.

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 A sponge is considered to b a solid bcoz itz compressibility is due to the presence of minute pores in it which are filled with.when we press the sponge,air is expelled from itz holes making  itz highly compressible.

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A sponge can be compressed easily but still we count them in solids because they haveminute pores in it which are filled with air. When we press the sponge air is expelledfrom its holes making it highly compressible.

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 sponge has many minute pores in which air is trapped. when we exert pressure on it the air is expelled out of the pores and the sponge reduces in size.however when the pressure is released, the pores get filled with air again. therefore compressibility of the sponge is due to the pores in it. so sponge is a solid.

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 sponge is a solid still it get compressed on applying pressure 

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 Although sponge is a solid, it can be bent and squeezed. Sponge has minute holes on its surface. Air is trapped in these holes. This air is expelled as we press or squeeze sponge. This makes it possible to bend and squeeze sponge.

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Due to the pores present in them they can be compressed.

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