A shopkeeper sold an article at a gain of 5%. If he had sold it for Rs 16.50 less, he would have lost 5%. Find the C.p of the article.

Let The CP Of The Article Be Rs x.

Now If It Is Sold At A Gain Of 5%

Initial SP = x+5/100*x = 21x/20

Now Its Given That If He Had Sold It For Rs 16.50 Less

So 21x/20 - 16.50

He Would Have Lost 5%

So This Equals A Loss Of 5% On CP


x-5/100*x = 19x/20

Now These All Are Equal 

Hence Equation Becomes

19x/20 =  21x/20 - 16.50

16.50 = 21x/20-19x/20 = x/10

x = 165

So Cost Price Of Article = Rs 165

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