A shopkeeper marks his goods 20% higher above the cost price and also gives a discount of 10%. Find his gain percent.

Suppose the cost price of goods be x.
Then, 20% of x is 20x100 i.e. x5
According to the parenthesis, the marked price is 20% higher above the cost price.
This means, marked price of goods = x+x5 = 6x5
Now, 10% of 6x5 is 6x5×10100 = 6x50
Again according to the parenthesis, the shopkeeper gives 10% discount.
Then, Selling price of goods = 6x5-6x50 = 60x-6x50 = 54x50
Then, net gain = selling price - cost price = 54x50-x = 4x50
So, gain percentage = net gain×100cost price = 4x50×100x = 4x×10050x = 8%
Therefore gain percent is 8%.

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