A room is 8.5m long .6.5m broad and 3.4m high. It has two doors, each measuring (1.5m by1m ) and two windows , each measuring (2m by 1m ) . Find the cost of painting its four walls at Rs 160 per m2 .

i cant solve this problem.

area of four walls of the room =2(l+b)h

where l is the length of the room , b is the breadth of the room and h is the height of the room.

therefore area=2(8.5+6.5)*3.4=2*15*3.4=102 metre square

area of two doors=2*1.5*1=3 metre square

area of two windows=2*2*1=4 metre square

area to be painted=

cost of painting=95*160=15200/-

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