a rational number between 1/3 and 1/4 is _________ ????

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first find the L.C.Mof the denominators.here  the lcm is12 .i hope u know how to find lcm.

divide the lcm number with the denominator of the first rational no that is 12/3, you get 4. now multiply this 4 with the numerator of the rational no i.e 4*1=4 .ame way do for the other rational no 1/4. divide the denominator with the lcm obtained and multiply the quotient obtained with the numerator i.e 3*1=3.now the numeator has 4+3 and the deno will have the lcm no. four plus three=7.now dont forget to write 12 in the deno

1 ratonal no between1/3 and 1/4 is 7/12

dere r different ways dis is just one of them .try doing 1 problem of dis kind on ur own .u will get itright

practice makes a man perfect



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