A proton is moving with uniform velocity in x-z plane at an angle of 300  with x-axis, in the presence of an electrostatic field E = (4 kV/m)j and magnetic field B = (50 mT)k. Find the pitch of the helical trajectory followed by the proton when the electric field is switched off. 

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proton is moving with uniform velocity so its acc is zero , hence net force on it is zero
 force by electric field = force by magnetic field

qE = q*v*B* sin(θ)    (angle between v and B is θ= 60 degree)
v = EB sin(θ)

when electric field is switch off
pitch = pitch = vcos(θ) *T           = vcos(θ)* 2πmqBsin(θ)           = EBsin(θ)cos(θ)* 2πmqBsin(θ)put the valuespitch =  4*10350*10-332*12*2*3.14*1.67*10-271.6*10-19 *50*10-332
= .035 m approx


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