a person standing on the roof of a 40 m high tower, throws a ball vertically upwards with speed 10m/s. 2 seconds later, he throws another ball again in vertical downward direction(g=10m/s^2) if both hit the ground simultaneously, then choose the correct options.
a) the first ball hits the ground after 4 seconds.
b) the second ball was projected vertically downwards with speed 5m/s.
c) the distance travelled by the first ball is 10 m greater than the distance travelled by the second ball.
d) both balls hit the ground with same velocities.

Dear Student,

for ball 2u, g=10 m/s2, S=4040=ut+10*t22u=10,a=-10m/s2, S=-40-40=10t+2-10*t+222t+2=T-40=10T-10*T22T2-2T-8=0T2-4T+2T-8=0TT-4+2T-4=0T= 4 secoption a is correct .t=4-2=2 sec 40=2u+10*42u=10 m/s option b is wrong option C is correct.since both have the same initial speed the velocity will be same when they hit option d is correct .regards

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Answer c is correct
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Since ball A thrown upward so it will obviously travel more distance
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