a particle is projected from a point p(2,0,0)m with a velocity 10m/sec at an angle 45 degrees eith the horizontal the plane of projectile motion passes through a horizontal line pq which makes an angle 37 degrees with positive x-axis ,xy plane is horizontal.the coordinates of the point where the particle will strike the line pq is

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Range (on inclined plane) of particle projected(at an angle α with horizontal) on a inclined plane(making an angle β with horizontal) is given by,
 R=2u2cosαsinα-βgcos2αR=2×102cos45°sin45-37°10×cos245°R=20sin45°cos37°-cos45°sin37°cos45°R=20cos37-sin37=2045-35=4 m

Let coordinate of required point are (x,y),
Rcos37=x-24×45=x-2x=265 m,Rsin37=y4×35=xx=125 mx,y=125,265 m



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