A particle is moving in a circle of radius R with constant speed . The time period of particle is T=1 Second in a time t = T/6 , If the difference between average speed and magnitude of average velocity of the partical is 2m/sec, find the radius of the circle(in meteres)

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Given that the time period of the particle is T. Then, the angular velocity is,

ω=2πT radsec
So, in time t = T/6, the particle will be having the angular displacement,

Therefore, the distance travelled by the body is,

distance =π32π×2πRdistance=πR3

Displacement of the body is,


So, the magnitude of velocity is,


The magnitude of speed is,


Therefore, the difference of the magnitude of the speed and the magnitude of the velocity is,

Difference = 2πRT-6RT2π-6RT=2R=22π-6R=20.28=507R=7.14 m


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