A magician performs a trick ....... both parts

A magician performs a trick ....... both parts of a diagram. A magician performed a trick in which he covered a glass filled with water with a paper and then gently turned it upside down. To everybodVs astonishment wate' didn't fall. Explain the reason for the above trick.. What would happen if glass is half filled with water and why? 'lculate the resultant force in following situations: Two boys exert force of 40 N and 60 N in opposite direction on an obiect. Two horses pulling a cart with force 80 N each in forward direction.

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A. When we turn the glass filled with water upside down covered with a paper, then water doesn't falls down because the atmospheric pressure outside is greater than the pressure present inside the glass on paper surface. Since the glass is fully filled, there is no air present inside and air pressure is absent. This holds the water up in the glass. 
B. When the glass is half filled then water falls down because there is presence of air inside the glass as well. This creates the air pressure inside the glass to be greater than outside. Hence the water falls down due to larger pressure of air present up the water. 


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